Name: David Rau

Date of birth: 27.07.1997

Height: 1,82m

Freestyling since: 2012

Agencies: FUSSBALLMARKT, Athletia


David Rau was born on 27/07/1997 and lives in Seebach (near Freiburg, Germany). Ever since he learned to run, he has been playing football. His football career began with his local football club. But from the beginning his enthusiasm was especially focused on football tricks and in 2012 he took up the sport of Freestyle Football. At first he only trained twice a week, but his ambition grew rapidly and he now trains five times a week for several hours at a time. Early in 2014 a sport events agency became aware of David, and from then on in addition to club football, he has been performing Freestyle Football. The success of these performances has attracted ever more customers and has led to more and more shows. Numerous engagements throughout Germany have also increased David’s motivation and helped him to perform spectacular shows for many well-known customers, an amazingly successful start to his still young career. Some of the highlights of his Freestyle career include a TV performance in the "ZDF Sportstudio" against professional footballers from the German Bundesliga, the show in front of more than 1600 Olympic sport stars, politicians and economists at the Sports Ball in Wiesbaden or his performance in front of 75.000 people at the Allianz Arena in munich . In addition, David is an official Guinness World Record holder in the freestyle skill called "most football arm rolls in one minute" and he is also an ambassador of the CFI International Children's Aid.

Despite the growing demand David has never lost his desire for perfection and is hoping to continually grow.